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A new technology in root canal treatment

Do you know the hard surface of our teeth is meant to protect the roots of our teeth? Underneath our teeth enamel are miniscule passages called canals, which hold blood vessels and nerves. In endodontics we treat these sensitive tissues of the teeth also known as the pulp in case of inflammation and pain arising due to potential infection in the tooth’s pulp. This treatment is popularly known as Root Canal Therapy (RCT) often required when the tooth’s pulp gets infected. Usually this can happen due to injury to the teeth or an unnoticed dental decay and the procedure involves making a small opening on the affected tooth, cleaning and sterilising the infected tissue, sealing it with sterile biocompatible filler, and closing the tooth to avoid the possibility of re-infection. Tooth preservation is the cornerstone of endodontic dentistry and endodontists will try give their best effort in trying to save a natural and this is where microscopic endodontics comes into real play. Traditionally an endodontist would take an x-ray of the problematic tooth to access the extent of infection in the dental pulp to chalk the treatment plan. This would then be followed by cleaning out of the infected tissue […]

Red wine compound ‘could help tooth decay fight’

Red wine has previously been linked to a range of supposed health benefits, from helping the heart to lowering the risk of diabetes. Now a new study suggests it contains chemicals that can help in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. Researchers found compounds from the drink, known as polyphenols, helped fend off harmful bacteria in the mouth. But experts warned that the findings do not offer a “green light” to drink more red wine. Previous studies have suggested that the health benefits of polyphenols are linked to them being antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals. However, recent studies have indicated that polyphenols might also boost health by working with “good bacteria” in our gut. For this study, in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists looked into whether wine polyphenols might also be good for oral health. Researchers compared the effects of two polyphenols from red wine against grape seed and red wine extract supplements on bacteria that stick to teeth and gums and cause dental plaque, cavities and gum disease. They found the wine polyphenols and extracts all reduced the bacteria’s ability to stick to the cells, but the polyphenols – caffeic and […]

Dispelling Myths of Root Canals Through Education

root canal

CHICAGO – Despite state-of-the-art advancements in endodontic treatment that make root canal procedures often as straightforward as fillings, Americans still express fear of the procedure. According to a recent survey by the American Association of Endodontists, 67 percent of respondents say fear of pain most concerns them about having root canal treatment. The AAE hopes to dispel these fears during its tenth anniversary celebration of Root Canal Awareness Week, March 27 – April 2. Root Canal Awareness Week is a nationwide effort to encourage patients who need a root canal to see an endodontist to save their natural teeth. Endodontists have at least two years of additional training beyond dental school and are highly skilled specialists in performing root canals and diagnosing and treating tooth pain. Their mix of advanced training, techniques and equipment improve patient comfort, ease anxiety and alleviate pain. “Endodontists, the root canal specialists, devote their practice to root canal treatment and related procedures,” said AAE President Dr. Terryl A. Propper, a private practicing endodontist in Nashville, Tenn. “We use technologies like microscopes, digital and 3-D imaging and ultrasonics to diagnose and treat our patients quickly, comfortably and successfully.” AAE research shows that dentists refer an average of […]

Putting A Hand In The Lion’s Mouth: Pittsburgh Zoo Lion Gets Root Canal

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Here’s one case where you really hope the patient doesn’t wake up mid-operation. Razi, one of the Pittsburgh Zoo’s 8-year-old African lions, needed a little dental work Tuesday. A 440 pound beast, sleeping like a kitten while a dentist performed a root canal. The drill for a lion’s tooth sounds just like the drill in your dentist’s office, and the procedure itself is also much like what you’d have in the dentist’s chair. “Now, obviously, it’s like a root canal in humans, but just on a much bigger scale,” Dr. Ginger Sturgeon, the zoo’s director of animal health, said. Razi suffers from a type of seizure disorder. “Unfortunately, likely what happened is during one of his seizures, he broke his canine tooth. That’s his really long pointy tooth that we all have,” Sturgeon said. “He fractured off a good bulk of his tooth above the gum line, actually exposing the pulp cavity.” That tooth is really important for a lion, so doctors wanted to do everything they could to save it. “The tooth is actually already dead, but what we hope to do is save the function of it so that Razi can eat normally,” Sturgeon said. […]

Don’t Let Fear Deter You – Visit An Endodontist Today!

One of the most efficient ways to eliminate fear is by understanding the object of your anxiety – be it clowns or darkness, it’s certainly best to face what pains you head-on. For most people, an irrational fear of dentistry is what inhibits their regular whitening appointments and evening emergency root canal procedures. The following, then, aims to help fearful individuals understand precisely what happens in the office of a highly-skilled endodontist, lest they continue to haphazardly wander the earth, avoiding oral health care services due to mere misunderstand. Here are a few common fears associated with treatment; after reading these expert tips, you will hopefully see that there is nothing to fear at all from getting the important treatment you need; in addition to reading this piece, it’s always good to understand experiential learning which is why it’s recommended that you consult with an endo practitioner – you could, for example, stop by York Hill Endodontics to learn more about the nuances of the treatment. You might be afraid that the treatment will be painful, however, the tools and years of techniques that are used by the endodontist will help reduce pain as they salvaged what is left of […]